A Dismal Adieu
A Dismal Adieu dark stories

nocturnal 18 ~ he/they ~ transmasc and tired
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This one is sort of a continuation of "Where She Runs" but it's more from an outward perspective than third person inward (If that makes any sense.) After this I hope to be moving on to lighter topics, less rooted in depression and anxiety but we'll really have to see what happens.

A Dismal Adieu

Circling hounds who seek the iron scent of dread

Even the slightest slip to give and left of me is but a shred

Evermore inquired still, demand the deed I cannot fill

Know that I might babble in return for what you will

But who would sit to the tune of a narcissistic ramble

The dark of dawn, where sunlight is concealed by the thunder

Your ears are closed to answers for the questions never asked

A query to not befall your lips, too obvious and daft

Still, this shadow's whisper steals the living light of life

Sweet poison curled in wisps of smoke to foster ruinous rife

Yet I find, to even hold such persuasive words of death

Few would truly listen smelling the blood upon my breath

Ribbons flow in crimson red from bitten ragged stubs

Demons come to lick away the rivers made of blood

Dripping stream snake further downwards towards the pooling lake

Such sickening liquid stains the crooked arm and floor beneath it

Was this the outcome you sought to find? Such violent of an end

Perhaps you'd hear my bitter sighs had I a voice to speak and send

Instead despair your eyes in this horrid sight to view

As I, in turn, take my final leave to bid adieu

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