You Are Appreciated
You Are Appreciated inspiration stories

noctisaer Community member
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Appreciation for my Mother and the inspiration she has given me throughout some tough years and beyond..

You Are Appreciated

I seen the grime on her face, I seen her spine been displaced, I seen so many things on my Mamma's face

At the age of seven, I had already cracked my melon about seven times, how have I not, fell into, a felon's mind?

I was a reckless kid, you took care of me though you was invested in, a more than a nine to five, it was more like early morn to the next time it's light, I was barely born when my father died,

how could you stand me mom, we look just alike..

And it's like, you were fueled to keep me and my sisters in school, told me a fool could never beat the system that rules, I kept my cool, I knew you was dealing with rough business at work,

them customers never gave you the respect you deserved, I felt unnerved when it was late hoping that you'd arrive safe, my small eyes soon denied wake, but I'd wake,

to your voice that marked the next day, a never ending cycle, you best fate, and gave me inspiration.

through the coldest days you provided insulation, I came out emboldened in glowing rays, to supply the nation with a golden page of my creation..

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