._•–Lunar Halos–•_. + a sonnet +
           ._•–Lunar Halos–•_.
                   + a sonnet +

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noconduit Dream Sequence: °Maya of the Moon°
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A sonnet for someone where ‘goodbye’ arrived too soon. ~~

._•–Lunar Halos–•_. + a sonnet +

the sky, separated for Helena.

Your aura was swirled in heavenly white, • Your G~d drank the nectar from your bloodstreams, • You come to me as a prism of light, • Scattering like ripples across my dreams..... •

Without saying a word, I still hear you. Like a siren in the ocean nearby. When I close my eyes, is where I see you; A creature covered with stars of the sky—

The albatross around my neck tightened; Love was buried beneath a pearl white sea. I told Neptune to strike down his trident, A shipwreck is all I wanted to be ......

a broken vessel, spilling from the heart, sending you my love, from two worlds apart ... .. . 🌠 🌌 🤍 🎆 🌄

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