To anyone who knows me in person
To anyone who knows me in person sadness stories

nobraincells My stories are weird, and so am I.
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my life isn't perfect. feel free to spread the word. repost or copy and paste. just let them know i'm not perfect.

To anyone who knows me in person

you might read this

you might not

you might read this not knowing it was meant for you

I am an idiot

I don't ever want to hurt anyone

and if I do

you hurt me first

my life isn't what it seems

young, smart white girl

but my life isn't perfect

it's not that good

I didn't have real friends for all of the elementary school

and the beginning of the middle school

let's start with the people who raised me

my mom is very strict with everything

when I first asked for a phone she showed me article after article about links between phones and depression in teens

I wore a white shirt with a cami underneath and she called me pervy and told me to dress my age

she doesn't see what girls wear at my school

my dad doesn't care

he's better but not perfect

he doesn't keep any promises

he shares some of my hobbies like music and reading and technology

my sister has made me self conscious

she laughed at the fact that I was going through puberty and won't respect my personal boundaries

my grandparents expect me to be perfect

my grandpa will give whatever I need to be successful

if I earn it

my great uncle

he scares me

he loves wine

he really loves it

he got drunk at a housewarming party once

we started talking about tattoos

he told me he would mug me then murder me if I ever got a tattoo

he told me the reason is that he "loves woman and girls' body"

he doesn't want an idiot drawing on them

my parents laughed and AGREED

they suggested that he should mug me first

I spent the rest of the night with a dog

a certain someone pretended to be my friend for 3 years

I got sucked into her tricks and cried myself to sleep for a couple of years

I thought that if I listened to her I could be popular

it didn't work

so I'm sorry if I lash out sometimes

I'm sorry that I don't give answers

I'm sorry that I'm not quiet and innocent and nice

cause I'm not

and I will never be

and if you can't respect that

go find a life

cause I don't care what you think

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