The Fine Art Of Lying
The Fine Art Of Lying liar stories

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Lying isn't bad if you do it right

The Fine Art Of Lying

Lying isn't bad

If you do it right

By doing it right I mean don't get caught

Overprotective parents raise good liars

And my parents are overprotective

Take it from me

Lying is easy

If you have practice

First, try a little lie

"yeah, I like your jacket."

"I loved that movie!"

soon it will come easier

"I didn't eat it."

"no, I don't like him."

Make sure to steady your voice

Make eye contact

Liars avoid eye contact

Well, the bad ones do

Don't worry

I lie to people's faces all the time

It comes easily now

It may not be the best thing to be a liar

But don't worry

I'm probably not lying to you

Or maybe I am

Maybe this whole thing is a lie

But that means I'm not a liar

Yet I still lied to you

Sorry if I confused you

(P.S. that's a lie)

You see, lying gets better as you do it more

Practice makes perfect

Never trust anyone

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