You guys are choosing my next chapter book thingy!
You guys are choosing my next chapter book thingy! you choose stories

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You guys are choosing my next chapter book thingy!

Okay so basically, I'mma give you a description of 3 books and you gunna choose one: (Each story has a different genre)

1. The Boy Who Rejected Me Genre: Romance (Teen) Description: Janette might be one of the nerds in class who only cares about grades and homework, but one day, she notices a boy who she starts having feelings for: Andrew Miller. Though, Janette is not sure whether Andrew likes her back or not. Will she ask him to the upcoming Easter School Dance?

2. My Odd Neighbor Genre: Mystery A new neighbor is in town! Alan is super excited! But quickly, he notices something odd about his neighbor and asks his best friend, Sabrina, if she can help. Alan and Sabrina try solving the mystery, but each time, it just gets harder and harder! Will they get to the bottom of this? Or will they have to just let their neighbor live his/hers life?

3. (I dunno a title, help?) Genre: Horror Skylar gets a brand new doll for Christmas! Yay! Well, too bad for Skylar, she hates dolls. She shoves the doll inside her closet for years and never bothers to take it out until one day....

Okay choose outta those three and we'll see.

(Please choose one)

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