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New series! STORYTIME With ᏁᎧᏰᎧᎴᎩ! If you want to share one of your stories, DM me!


Hey guys! How are you doing today? Well, I have decided to start a brand new series called STORYTIME With ᏁᎧᏰᎧᎴᎩ! So basically in this series, I'm going to be sharing my embarrassing stories, my funny stories, and much more!

I'm also thinking about inviting other Commafulians to share they're story! And--again--it could be any kind of story! So if you want to share your story, DM me!

So I'm going begin this series by sharing one of my embarrassing stories. (I'm probably going to regret this)

Okay, so, it was somewhere in 3rd grade. Close to Valentine's Day! One of my friends, I won't say her real name...let's call her...Ivy. So Ivy was trying to convince me to tell my crush I like him. Even though I was positive he didn't like me back and wouldn't ask me to be his valentine, I agreed anyway.

So on recess, I got my note prepared...along with my 3 mint candies (I had brought for him as a little gift bc I knew he liked them) and a pink gel crayon.

He was on the field, playing football with his friends--wait was it basketball....? Yeah, it was basketball. Anyways, I gave him the note and ran away and hid under the play equipment. Ivy and I watched him read the letter WITH HIS FRIENDS RIGHT BESIDES HIM. He was reading it out loud.

Then, I smack my forehead knowing this wasn't going to work at all.

So then, he said ALOUD "Hell naw." And the boy dropped the note, everything, EVEN THE CANDY, and went back to playing basketball.

I was so embarrassed and for the rest of my 3rd and 4th grade, people teased me know. But, that boy is still in my life because he's in my class this year. But, luckly, he doesn't tease me about that anymore. The End

So what was the moral of the story?

So what was the moral of the story? Don't trust your friends

I hope you enjoyed the first episode of STORYTIME With ᏁᎧᏰᎧᎴᎩ ! Make sure to DM me if you want to share your story! See you next time on STORYTIME With ᏁᎧᏰᎧᎴᎩ!

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