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Hello! I hope you enjoy this story! Were so close to 40 followers! Thanks!

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

Hey all! Just want to say, WERE SUPER CLOSE TO 40 FOLLOWERS!

Agh! Thank you so much! I've never expected THAT many.

Anyways, getting back to the main Idea...

This story your about to read is actually a kind of writing project for school.

I really hope you like it. ENJOY!

I really hope you like it. ENJOY! (Btw I'm still editing and revising so yea. If ya see a mistake, It'll get fixed)

"Did you hear?" asked my best friend, Jillian, as she grabbed her books from her locker. It was a chill Wednesday afternoon. I put my silky jet black hair up in a ponytail for P.E.

"Hear what?" I replied, shutting my locker. "Caroline is throwing an enormous end-of-the-year party!" Caroline Chamber was the most popular girl in school. Her father was the CEO of Chamber's Inc. A website company that allows you to buy; food, toys, electronics, beauty products, kitchen items, books, I could go on and on.

"You girls talking about Caroline's end-of-the-year party?" a sudden voice says. Jillian and I turn around to see Natasha Meiner. She's new to this school and is in my math class. Natasha is pretty friendly when you get to know her. We study together all the time.

I smiled and waved. "Hey, Natasha!" "Hi, Ashley!" she replied. "How'd you do on your test?" "Really good! I got a-" "Wait, wait, wait," Jillian cut in. "You know her, Ashley?" "Yeah! Natasha's in my math class."

Jillian crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. "I need to talk with you, Ash...privately." I sighed and shook my head. "Guess I'll see you at math, Natasha?" Natasha stared at the ground. "Y-yeah..." She started walking away.

Jillian stuck her tongue out. "Your friends with the dweeb?" "She's not a dweeb, Jill. Natasha is my friend!" I said. Jillian grabbed me by the arm and pointed to Natasha. She was at her locker fixing her hair.

"Look at her! Your so-called 'friend' isn't even as rich or pretty as we are." Natasha was wearing a cute pair of black leggings with emojis covered all over them. She wore a white shirt with a few stains on it from previous meals.

"You shouldn't judge a book by its cover," I said sharply. Jillian stared at me wide-eyed for a few seconds. Then, she burst out laughing. A few kids caught the attention of Jillian laughing.

"That's like," she said, wiping off the tears from the laughter of her face, "the dumbest thing I've ever heard!" Just then, the bell rang.

"Don't be stupid, Ashley. Anyways, I got to get to class. Later!"

I stood there. Not angry, not worried, not sad, but confused. Just because of Natasha's appearance, she was getting teased by Jillian. That didn't make any sense. I sighed and started walking to the gym for P.E.


******************* (Dunno why I just did that but okay)

"Want to sit with our friends as usual?" Jillian said on Thursday. We grabbed our lunch trays. "Um, actually..." I said, glancing at Natasha. "I'm sitting with Natasha today. We have to do some studying for our next test."

Jillian stuck her tongue out and rolled her eyes. "Ugh! When are you going to learn not to be so dweeby and nerdy, like Natasha! You have to be cooler! You're too pretty to be called a dweeb!"

Jillian grabbed me by the arm again. "You should never ju-" "No. You're sitting with us! I don't care what you think!" She dragged me over to our friend's group table. That included: Caroline, Jax Palmer, Lilian (Lily) Scott, Ethan Oliver, Jillian, and Me.

We sat down. I dully took a bite out of the school's cheese pizza. "This is the day! Today, today!" Caroline hollered as she rushed over to the lunch table.

"What's today?" said Jax. "Yeah," said Jillian, "what is it?" "I'm handing out my invitations today!" "W-will the whole school get an invitation to your party?" Ethan said, who's always very quiet and shy. Caroline giggled. "Well, I mean, I can't fit five hundred kids in my house! But I'll for sure invite you guys!"

"Your house is so big, though!" Lilian said. "I'm sure a lot of people can fit in there." "Hmm...Maybe! Who knows?" They continued to chat and laugh. I kept glancing at Natasha, who kept glancing back at me.

"Sorry," I mouthed at her. Natasha smiled. "It's okay," she mouthed back. Jillian caught me mouthing at Natasha. "Turn around and eat your lunch," she demanded. "It's for your own good."

I felt like I was in prison. I had to talk with people I didn't want to talk to right now. And Jillian, who was acting as a guard, wasn't letting me talk or study with Natasha!

My face flushed with anger. "Are you okay, Ashley?" Caroline said. Everyone turned to me and stared. I wasn't okay. Not at all. But I didn't want anyone to know that because then, I'm going to get asked, 'What's wrong?'. So I'll have to explain the story, which I don't want to.

"I'm fine," I said, under my clenched teeth. Caroline shrugged and went back to talking. I purposely squirted apple juice on my shirt. "I'm going to clean this stain off my shirt," I said as I stood up. I walked to the ladies' restroom and started to wash off the stain.

The door swung open. It was Jillian. "What happened out there, Ashley?" she said. "What do you mean?" I replied. "You purposely spilled apple juice on your shirt. Why?" "Why do you think?" I tossed the napkin into the garbage. Jillian rolled her eyes.

"If you keep on doing that, you'll eyeballs will get stuck up there," I pointed out. Jillian scoffed. "That's exactly what a nerd would say." "Oh, sure." I crossed my arms. "So why did you spill apple juice on your shirt? That's babyish. We're supposed to be proper and clean." Jillian flipped her hair.

"I purposely spilled apple juice on my shirt because I wanted to get away from you," I confessed.

"What!?" Jillian shouted offendedly. "I was simply helping you! That girl? Nika-I mean-Sasha-Natalia? Whatever! That girl is too ugly and dweeby to be friends with you! Who dresses her up in the morning? A preschooler? No-she probably shops at a thrift store because she's so poor!"

I threw my hands up in the air. "DON'T JUGDE A BO-" The bell rang. Without saying a word, I stomped out of the restroom and went to class.


******************* (Still dunno why I keep doing that)

At 3:05, students waited next to their lockers, waiting for the bell to ring. I stood next to mine, and Jillian stood next to hers. We didn't talk to each other at all for the rest of the day.

"Good luck getting an invitation from Caroline," Jillian said. "Excuse me?" I squinted my eyes at Jillian. "You obviously don't understand the point of good-looking and mature."

"I don't think I understand, Jillian." "I'm telling Caroline how nerdy you're turning, Ashley. We can't have nerdy and dorky people in our friend group." "So now you're calling me nerdy just because I want to be friends with one?" Jillian nodded.

Just then, Caroline and the group came walking towards us. "Hey, Ash! Hey, Jill! I came to hand you my invitation." She handed me mines and gave Jill hers.

"Oh! I have something to confess, everyone!" Jillian said. She turned to me smiled at me evilly. "I don't think Ashley should be in our friend group anymore. She's turned into a nerd."

We were all silent for a few seconds. "Hey, Cuz," a voice said. It was Natasha! She handed Caroline a few invitations. "Here are the extras...Did I interrupt something important...?"

"Wait...Cuz?" I asked slowly. "Yeah! I also came here to introduce you to Natasha! She's my co-"

"Ew! Caroline, what's the dweeb doing with you?" Jillian shrieked. "Pardon? Dweeb? Natasha is not a dweeb! She's my cousin!" "But look at her! She's wearing leggings with cherries on them. Cherries, Caroline. She's so cheap and immature!"

"What?" Caroline yelled. "Natasha's dad is the reason my dad started his company! Her father also used to own a company of his own in Montana. Without her, I probably wouldn't be where I am right now."

"And," Natasha spoke up, "I wear childish clothes because I like to. I don't want people to be friends with me because of my money." Kids gathered around Caroline and muttered with agreement.

"So, Jillian Robinson. I don't think you'll need this." Caroline snatched the envelope out of Jillian's hand and put it in her purse. I grinned happily.

"So I guess I'll see you at my party, later on, Ashley?" Caroline asked as she zipped her purse. "Definitely!" I replied, still smiling. The bell rang. Kids rushed out the school doors.

"Want to walk home with me?" Natasha asked me. "Sure!" I turned to Jillian. "You can wait for me outside." Natasha nodded cheerfully and skipped her way outside.

Jillian stood there with her eyes opened wide and opened mouthed. "Next time," I said, patting her on the back, "don't judge a book by its cover. Later!"

~~~~~~The End~~~~~~

~~~~~~The End~~~~~~ Is Near

~~~~~~The End~~~~~~ Is Near (Jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjk)

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