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Sofia, Emma's 10-year-old little sister goes missing. Should I do a Chapter Two?


Lost Chapter One

"Sooooofi!" I yelled. "I'm going to find you one way or another!"

I heard a giggle so I ran towards it. Sofia was hiding behind a large tree.

"Found you!" I said. My sister screamed. "Again! Again!" "Sorry Soph. We have to go. It's getting dark and if Mom gets home before us, she'll know that we went here."

"I know, I know," Sofia said. We started walking over to the gate.

Once we exited from the gate, Sofia and I ran all the way home.

We both gasped for breath when we entered the house. I heard a car door slam. Sofi and I ran up to our room to pretend we've been here the whole time.

"Girls! I'm home!" Mom called from the first-level. "Hi, Mommy," said Sofia. Mom bent down to kiss Sofia on the forehead. She kissed me too.

Sofia and I went back upstairs to our shared-room. Once I closed the door, we both burst out laughing.

"She didn't even noticed!" Sofia hollered. She bounced up and down on her bed.

"I know!" I said.

I didn't know what I would do without Sofi. She and I were so close to each other. That's a reason we share a room.

"Anyways," Sofi said as she flopped onto her bed, "I have no school tomorrow." I stuck my tongue out at her. Lucky. "Lauren and I are going to the woods again. Were going to play near the river." Lauren is Sofia's best friend.

"Be careful," I warned. "It's really steep over in that area." "Yeah, I know."

The Next Afternoon

The Next Afternoon 3:30 PM

I was walking back from school. It was a very interesting day today...I was so excited to tell Sofia all about it. Little did I know what was going to happen to her.

I hummed as I used my key to unlock my door. But...it was already opened.

I scoffed. Sofia had forgot to lock the door again.

"Sofia you forgo-Mom?!?" "Hey, Emma..." Mom said. She was sitting on the couch rubbing her eyes. "How's school?" she asked. "What's wrong?" I said, not even answering Mom's question.

"Are you sick?" I sat down besides my mother whose eyes were getting teary. "Mom, what's wrong!?" "Sofia..." she cries softly "...is missing."

My eyes grew wide. "What? When? How? What are you talking about?" "I-I dropped you off at school...then, I get a call from Lauren. She says that Sofia and her were supposed to meet at the gate...I didn't know what they were talking about...but Lauren said Sofia never showed up! I-I looked everywhere!"

My eyes got teary as well. I knew Sofia would never EVER do a prank like that. The woods, I thought. "The woods!" I said aloud. Mom turned to me. "What?"

Chapter Two?

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