~Goodbye World~
~Goodbye World~ short story stories

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Goodbye World~

~Goodbye World~

A/N This is probably my last post for awhile. I just wanted to post a story that ive been thinking about for a long time. Enjoy! :>

I slumped down into my seat on a monday morning.

I sighed.

Nothing worse than listening to a lecture for two hours.

Suddenly, the ground started to shake.

The line cut off and my computer shut down.

"Mia!" my mother called.

I dropped down under my desk and held on. "Mom!" I yelled.

She didn't respond.

The earthquake was huge.

I thought it was at least a 9.2 magnitude.

Pieces of the roof fell onto my bed. And my computer fell down and broke.

Finely, everything stopped.

It was so quiet, all I heard was my heart beating.

I slowly got up and glanced around.

"Mom?" I yelled.

"Mia..." a faint voice says.

"Mom!" I ran around the house, looking around for my mother, finally, I found her.


I gasped. "Mom!"

She was laying on the ground, with a piece of glass in her stomach.

"Mom!" Tears ran down my cheeks.

"Very...very big...ts-tsunami...coming...find help...leave me...get to high ground..."

Mom's eyes went to the back of her head.

I brought a white blanket from the closet and placed it on top of her. On a piece of paper, I wrote, 'Love you, Mom. R.I.P'

I grabbed my mom's first-aid kit and some cookies and stuffed it into my backpack.

I ran out of the house. The neighbors were out on there yards. They were on the phones, trying to get a signal. Some were injured and some were dead.

I ran at least a mile.

I saw the oceans rising.

I sighed.

And started running back to the house.

"Are you crazy?" a neighbor said. "A tsunami is coming! Why are you going back north!?"

I ignored the person and ran into the house.

I went into my room and grabbed my favorite stuffed animal.

I layed next to my mom and hugged my stuffed animal.

I looked around and saw the tsunami washing away the neighborhood.

Tears ran down my cheeks again. I held my breath and said:

"Goodbye World"

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