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nobody387 Dead inside and out
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Hope is a thing cruel and nasty but also beautiful and flowy
It can wound and heal
For me it did many things
To include bring the love of my life to me.


Black is the feeling of grief

The taste of tears

The pain of cuts self inflicted that appear

Black is the void inside me the grows darker day by day

I never thought I would see a light out there waiting for me

Not until I saw it shining

My frown turned to a smile and my cuts disappeared

Until the light vanguished from site

Teasing me with the glimpse of light.

So long blinded by darkness i grew to hate that light that appeared

It was a peice of hope faked and now feared

That pain was magnified when hope was dangled in front of my eyes then yanked away so quickly

That ruined me

I hate hope.

I thought I did until I saw that light once more

This time I just sunk to the floor and cried

When a hand tapped my shoulder I cursed and screamed

Not realizing it wasn't the same

The girl from the first time had long dissapeared

He scooped me up and carried me out into the sun

Basked in light and ultimately free.


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