Maybe Summer will be Different
         Maybe Summer will be 
                         Different summer stories

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feelings on next summer

Maybe Summer will be Different

Maybe Summer will be different, Thoughts, blood orange and turquoise, Let's chase the sun around forever, Let's never end, even after it's over.

Let's breathe underwater, I wanna see your eyes bigger, bluer than the Caribbean, Let's open a Cuban Deli next to the beach, painted light pinks and bright whites, And never work a day.

Let's sit watching birds drink from clouds, Let's sprint into the Pacific, Let's never stop smiling, Maybe Summer will be different.

I wanna find oasis in your heart, I wanna find secrets hidden for centuries, only waiting for the moment our eyes make them known, Let's climb this visible force field, Let's morph into the salt.

Let's build a sand castle, Let's fight for endlessness, I want you to understand that these hands were made for yours. I will press my everything into your energy until we possess the infinity.

I know Summer will be Different. I'll make it so.

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