Noah's Never EVER Skype Yourself Creepypasta
Noah's Never EVER Skype Yourself Creepypasta roblox stories

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Now before I get into my story

Noah's Never EVER Skype Yourself Creepypasta

Now before I get into my story, I should say how I managed to Skype myself. Apparently, I was logged on to two of my old accounts I had. One on my phone, and one on my laptop.

There was no one online that night, so I decided to try an experiment.

I thought "What would happen if you Skype yourself using two of your old Skype accounts?" Not giving it a second thought, I proceeded to test it out.

When I answered the Skype chat on my phone, I sat on my bed while beginning to just talk like I was talking to someone.

It was 6:30 in the evening, and it was pure darkness in my room except for the screens shining onto my face.

As I was talking, there was an unpleasant ringing sound that I heard while I was doing the test.

Since I was able to do something else on my phone while engaging in a Skype call, I opened Roblox. I just picked a random game called "Would You Rather" and started playing it.

As I was playing the game, I heard other sounds that are not normally heard in the game. I assumed it was coming from Skype on my computer. I brushed it off as nothing really important.

I fell silent as I played the Roblox game, and on my computer I could only see the light from my phone shining. Suddenly, a song started playing on my phone out of nowhere really loud.

I freaked out while almost dropping the phone, and realized the song sounded familiar. The song that was playing was that creepy Lavender Town music from Pokemon....

Yes, that one song I heard about on YouTube. "That's weird. how did this song come on?" I thought as I exited the game to make sure there were no apps open except for my Skype and Roblox.

Luckily, there were no other apps open. The song stopped for a while, and I thought it was done.

However, It started again as I was playing my game and continuing to Skype myself using both of my devices. This time, It played even louder.

My phone was really close to my face because of my visual impairment, and I jumped when the song began to play. This time, it went on for a few hours.

I tried to end the Skype chat, but that did not solve the problem. Once I ended the Skype conversation, one of the weirdest things happened.

My phone suddenly froze as I was trying to quit the game I was playing. I tried to turn off my phone so I could restart it, but nothing happened.

The only thing that happened when I pressed the power button was the screen locked. I tried turning the screen back on, but it stayed off. No matter what I did, the music would not stop playing.

While the music was playing, my phone remained frozen. I finally had enough of the music since that song isn't something you should listen to for a long time.

So, I went into the kitchen, and closed my bedroom door. I was so happy to see my mom when I saw her cooking in the kitchen.

I'm just going to make up a name for each of my family members in order to protect their privacy. For this sake of the story, I'm going to call my mom Tellica.

I sat down at the counter, and began chatting with my mom. I told her about the test I did, and what I discovered.

Tellica and I were just talking away, but I could still hear the Lavender Town music even though I closed my door.

I am surprised that my brother Hiroshi didn't react to the loud disturbing music. He must have been in his room playing video games, and not paying attention to other things.

However, I am glad that he didn't burst into my room trying to tell me to turn it down. If he did, I would have told him that I couldn't because of what happened.

I hung out in the kitchen for about 3 hours, and I was relieved when the music finally stopped playing. I stepped into my room, and began doing things on my phone.

I closed all my apps, and I deleted Skype off my phone due to the scary experience. I was so freaked out, and I even navigated away from Skype on my laptop.

I told my mom that the music finally stopped, and I was calm enough to head to bed. I know this story may not be as scary as you hoped, but this is what I got right now. Thanks.

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