The girl in the wind-a short story
The girl in the wind-a short story creepypasta stories

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I have you heard the songs in the wind if you do you should run or she'll find you.

The girl in the wind-a short story

It was a warm spring morning, I going out to see my sister. I could feel the wind flow through my hair as I walked now the sidewalk.

I could hear the sounds of a car getting closer to me as I walked now the sidewalk. It got closer and closer. I tried to move faster so it could stop following me, but the car got faster.

Then it stopped following me but a guy that looked to be my age got out of the car. I put my hands in the pockets of my favorite orange jacket.

Then the guy started to run after me, so I started running. As I ran by house and house he wouldn't stop chasing me. I also started to grow tired.

So I fell to the ground, I fell to the ground because I broke my leg the other day. I saw that a shadow grew over me. I feel him picking me and say,

"sometimes people should keep their mouth shut, and maybe there'll get to live."

He put my body on the warm hard street. I tried to get up but I was too tired. Then I could tell that a car was coming my way, I started to panic. But everything when black...

'Breaking news there's been-'

I turn the tv off and face the chained man behind me.

"why do you think you're here."

He didn't look me in eye's, all he did was shake in fear. He must be scared because of how look I, or he's scared that he's going to die.

"Are you going to answer me!"

He still didn't say anything. I grabbed a rope that was to the right of me, the rope was around the man's neck. I never really liked blood of an undead person.

The guy looked at me in fear and all I could do was smile before pulled on the rope. He started to beg but pulled on the rope more. I tied the rope to a table.

I left the house, it was dark and it still was windy. I know people not to talk to strangers but whats about talking to people in the wind.

My long orange hair flows in wind, I put my hands in orange jacket, and close my green eyes and listen to the sound of the wing looking for my next victim. Will you be next?

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