Male!dom!reader x sub!Fundy
Male!dom!reader x sub!Fundy  dsmp stories

noah_bloodmoon Hey there! I do gay rps, and DM's are up
Autoplay OFF   •   a month ago
This is a WIP (work in progress) since I haven't been on here for long
and such I'm open to pretty much any criticism and if you want to rp go ahead and DM me (also this is the first chapter)

Male!dom!reader x sub!Fundy

( this is the introduction of (y/n) Hey, my name is (y/n). I'm a small Minecraft twitch streamer that builds and does some PvP, although I'm better at building.

I guess I should give details about myself, I'm 6'9 and have (s/l/h) and its color is (h/c). I like generally dark clothes and electronic music.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I have a hobby of DJing as well, that's why I have a segment in my streams where I show a piece of a song that I'm working on.

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