(Pages of you)
(Pages of you) world record poetry stories
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noab poetry, kindness & mass destruction
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(Pages of you)

My pen remembers When he told stories Of the poems your fingers wrote To the tangles in my hair

My papers flipped So restlessly Begging for more Pages of you were never enough

The way you touched my skin, Each touch a tune, Turned my ink friends Into notes

When you held my waist, I was oriental. Arabic letters spelling your name Covered my body

And when I lay in bed, While you wrote electric messages on my back, I would remember every word, Pen did too.

Your kisses as soft, As cotton candy, As smooth as whiskey, Lingering in my oxygen.

Whispering in my ear, So close but barely touching, Echoes of you That would follow me for days.

Goosebumps that rose To welcome your presence Heartbeats rushed To greet you

The lack of you: Like blank pages, And empty lines, And cold coffee, Like grey days, And bland food, Like "etc", And traffic.

The lack of you: Like everything that drains.

Crawl beside me, Touch me now. I need your music.

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