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You kill with kindness, Wont you hold my hand?

The Friend Within

You kill with kindness,

Wont you hold my hand?

I'm wide-eyed your highness,

Please present your plan

I'm ready to follow wont you lead-me-along

Grab the scruff an'..

Lift me up an'..

Give me love an' never leave me alone,


My back's been on the market never sought never bought

Wont you get it for me like it eats your every thought

I'll keep being me, always chewed up just from livin'

But if you just pull your weight then maybe we could make it even

I see you helping others in a sense of obligation

Wont you be so kind; and extend to close relation

'Cos I'm need of your love, and running out of patience

So feed me your love, and none will be wasted

I've a long road ahead do not think I can handle it

So I'm reaching outward inwanrd to rely on your companionship

I know you got in me; to carry through rancid

'Cos you'll do it for another in a blink if they'd had asked it

The darkness follows strong, you gotta' keep me past it

I feel it pulling back, like a tether from elastic,

Alone I've not the strength to fight back or outlast it

Together we are hench and hold the power to blast it


1 step lets not fuckabout ..

Half of that's where we lookin' now ..

Don't even matter if we not there ..

No toys to be chukin' out ..

Look at that that's movement ..

Didn't even know we were doin' it ..

Imma share this little progress ..

So it don't feel so bogus ..

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