Like a Marchin' Band
Like a Marchin' Band rhythmic stories

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A young man stumbles into a weird situation walking back from a long night and give ear to chatty vagrant on the scene.

Like a Marchin' Band

The time was late and the sky was black

I'd been to a friends was on the way back

Had a couple bubbles from stories gassed

And stumble on down into the underpass

The light manufactured struggled for life

In dim short bursts an' flashes of white

As I stepped forward, making my way

Thought if I was straight; I may be afraid

Then a trail of water, led my sight

So I lifted my head clocked a shape in the white

And a dark silhouette with a rope 'round it's neck

Is curled up on the floor in a puddle of wet

I said hey there friend looking at your end

I've got nothing to give but an ear to lend

And he looked up sharp with empty eyes

And I knew right then I could empathise

He said he used to see light, but all is dark

He said he used to have hope, before he tore it apart

He said he used to have respect - an honorable man

Now strangers spit down in disgust of what I am

He said god used to visit me, every other day

But I cut the tethers and he drifted away

I've put my hands together, tied to get him on the line

But he musta' changed his number - it's been a long time

So now I'm so alone, depressed and afraid

And nothing can undo the bed that I've made

Said he used to have friends - an occupied mind

But when you lose what you got - to get you're far behind

I thought I was too good, I thought I was too busy

But I was lyin' to myself when I look back think "who is he"

My time was my own, I didn't give due curtsy

And I see myself in those ignoring an' cursing me

So why'd I expect, or deserve a kind hand

When I myself would look down on a man...

With a rope around his neck and a story so bland

With regrets so loud like a marchin' band

So I nodded and smiled and joked of hindsight

Spoke of how life is avoiding blind-sides

Said pain is certain but not the reaction

And you can't trip yourself for not keeping traction

Said I'm not one to give advice

As I know nothing of your stakes

It's up to you, to take a look

And make your mind what's real or fake

He told me not to worry

He's found a message from fate

'Coz ice may melt

But ropes may break

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