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nmags02 Community member
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A poem about the volatility of love

An Ex-Lovers’ Love

My ex-lovers’ love is serpentine:

A boa constrictor that crushes you

Tighter and tighter.

In his grasp,

You feel the breath leaking from your lungs,

Hot with panic,

Flaming with fury and betrayal,

Like an internal inferno, ready to raze,

If only its spark could reach oxygen.

My ex-lover will sink his poisonous fangs into your fair flesh,

Tearing into you as easily as you tear a flower from its stem.

You will struggle and writhe against his grip,

Passionate and fierce,

Like a wounded animal, desperate to stay alive.

My ex-lovers’ love is acidic:

Its stench overpowering, a thousand onions cleaved at once;

Tears pour from your eyes like refugees,

Desperate for a better life.

You will be consumed by this love, like a black hole devours all matter in sight.

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