Don't wake up yet!
Don't wake up yet! dream-reality stories

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It was supposed to happen, and I couldn't avoid it.

Don't wake up yet!

He wasn't real. Nor was I. Nor were they. All we were was a finished butch.

My eyes filled with tears as I walked down the streets on a lonely Friday. Still in my torn uniform, I rounded the corner and waited for the bus.

The lamppost flickered and I prayed it wouldn't switch off for the darkness was so thick that I could smell it. The watch on my hand ticked and I suspiciously looked at it.

The time it told me was obviously a fraud- Of course, it wasn't 03:00 pm.

I heard a cat purr somewhere in the distance. I shuddered. I systematically looked back at my watch. Typical for it to now say 03:01.

My heart started to pound very quickly as though I knew what was about to happen. I craned my head in all directions. What if-? No, I couldn't dare to finish the thought.

That was totally impossible. I looked at my watch: 03:02 and screamed.

Not now. I started running down the deserted street as swiftly as I could. Just as I had predicted, the street light switched off and I was now running in pure darkness.

My shoe slipped off and I continued to run and noticed that somebody was chasing me. I wasn't alone and I could smell it. Through some puddles I sprinted and into some trees.

'Stop!' he called out to me.

But did I listen? No. I had to keep going. I could have sworn that I stepped on a snake as I continued to cut through the tall grass and away. I somehow knew where I was going.

I had been here before.

'Come back!' he called behind me. 'This is destiny. Stop!'

I tripped over a bush and fell on my back.

Just like I had dreamt of, the man pulled a gun out of his pocket as he gained up on me with a maniac look. And then as I knew would happened, we disappeared.

Just like I had woken up, my future self was also waking up.

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