“Black women do too much”
“Black women do too much”

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nlkingston As above, So below
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This poem is called Forgotten Heritage. It is not meant to offend anyone. But it is meant to make a statement. Feedback is welcomed

“Black women do too much”

Those are the words that comes from a black man’s mouth whenever we are the topic of discussion

I can only imagine what his black mother would think of those words

That pierce through skin like knives

Leaving a trail of blood so thick that 300 years of loyalty

Amounts to nothing but stained hands pressed against glass hearts

Have you black men forgotten where you came from?

Have you forgotten how we black women have carried your burdens, your worries, and your fears on our shoulders like cattle?

Our backs ripped and scarred like road maps

Leading to a destination that only the souls of our ancestors could understand

Our vaginas torn and our bellies filled with children

That did not belong to the king who truly deserved them

For we black women have molded and shaped your minds to become a man of excellence

NOT a man that is nothing more than a number standing behind cold steel bars

Waiting to be told when to take a shit

We have protected you time and time again from the white man whose right arm was made of bullets

As his left arm slowly pulled your last breath from your broken body

Leaving you gasping for life until there was nothing but the welcomed warmth of darkness

You black men have forgotten everything

Your heritage

Your dignity

Your crown

And before you ask the question that drips from your tongue like acid

Let me answer it for you

No we black women are not bitter

No we are not bitches

And we damn sure are not bitter bitches

So yes...

“Black women do too much”

Especially for a man that doesn’t deserve it

But remember this

A man who is blinded by his ego

Is a man who has forgotten his heritage

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