Two timing
Two timing  romance stories

nk999 just writting for fun
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Two timing and cheating is not pretty. It can break more then one relationship, almost like the domino effect.

Two timing

Isn’t something you plan It just happens

I saw two cute girls

They were best friends

One I had a chance with Eve

The other was way out of my league Sophia

Eve asks me out and confessed

The next day Sophia texts me

I want you to break up with Eve and be with me

I’m shocked

She must be joking

But deep down I know she’s more beautiful and I’m more attracted to her

So... I tell her I want to be with her too

I don’t know why but I didn’t feel happy

I tell Sophia that I broke up with Eve but I just couldn’t because at one point I loved her too and I couldn’t just throw that away

Eve finds out that I’m with someone else and breaks up

Sophia finds out I lied about breaking up with Eve

They broke up with me and I broke their friendship

So I guess we were even

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