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A rainy night , and everyone seemed quiet like the sky as it cried with rain, You're eyes are so troubled and clouded, and I know you're in a lot of pain,


A rainy night , and everyone seemed quiet like the sky as it cried with rain,

You're eyes are so troubled and clouded, and I know you're in a lot of pain,

As we stand under the same roof, breathing the same poison that calms down your heart,

I Silently looked at your eyes, and my soul slowly unraveled a broken art

So I listened as you tell me while hurting in every words,

How the sun that gave you smile and warmth disappeared from your world,

Lost in the oblivion, fell into the darkness wishing for everything to end,

Now left with no other choice but to seek a devil for a friend,

Then a deal was made that I'll stay with you throughout the night,

To runaway with you in the middle of the night,

I'll be your companion, your friend, your lover for the next 24 hours,

In exchange of the memories we will share that we can only say that it's only ours,

We stayed all night playing and talking and you never got tired asking,

What are your flaws and why everything seems to be falling,

And I just keep saying while holding your hands "you're beautiful!",

Everytime and I'd say it again and again "You're beautiful"

Surrounded by temporary people that come and go,

We sat down and ate as time flew and go,

Yet everything stood still and time stopped for both of us,

Then We connected your future, present and past,

Shortly we made our way to the purgatory,

Where souls from Heaven and lost souls from hell meets,

Drank down together the poison we shared,

That promises the troubled hearts from pain to be spared,

As I watched you slowly poison your heart and soul,

I can't help but to feel all your sorrow and woe,

So I offered my shoulder to you and started telling a story,

Of a man who sold his soul to the devil in exchange of removing his memory,

At last, the poison took over and gave you peace,

So I carried you and brought you to your final resting place,

I laid you down and watched you as you sleep,

And hugged you to protect you from the wolf that hunts the sheep,

Ohh I wish how can we stay eternally you and me like this,

I'll forever wrapped my arms around you while you hug me back with a kiss,

Instantly I felt something; a beating inside my cold dead heart pumped up,

And that moment I knew I am fucked up,

Seconds, minutes, hours passed and as we held together,

I anxiously stayed awake cherishing every seconds with her,

But like every other beautiful things exist they have their own endings,

And unwillingly to let go and i cant help but to have this sad feeling,

So with pain and with hesitate I carried you back to earth where other mortals are,

And watched you rode away my beautiful morning star,

I went back again to our half empty tombstone,

And I silently laid down on the memories that we both own,

I know you only see me no more than as a friend, I know my beautiful Sunflower,

You wanted someone for a night, and In return I'll have beautiful memories --me and you together,

I know it pains me alot right now to do so but all I can do is watch you from afar,

While I find my self alone drinking the same poison wishing to the shooting stars,

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