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nizamani123 A young one only want to good in writing
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Zombie with emotions


Two months ago I was at a shop and experience a voice from underground . I asked the shop keeper about the sounds but he didn't response and I asked again and again but didn't get reasonable answer . After two days I went to the same shop . The shop keeper was busy at the other side and I secretly went

the storeroom . I saw a person or probably a zombie . He was crying and weeping as he saw me he begged me to open him . I didn't realized that he was a zombie and went to open him . As I just approach him the shop keeper pulled me and the person at the chair started shouting . He helped me out of the room because I was scared . I asked him why are you

keeping that dangerous alive . He replied : He was my brother but now a zombie . he didn't give any harm to me but could harm you . I love him he grew me and I was can't able to kill him . But don't tell anybody about this . If you , then I will kill you . From that day I am at home thinking about that zombie . How it happened to him ? But the mystery remain mystery .

That experience was so horrible and I don't think I can forget it .

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