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nitika_gupta A science student who is more into arts.
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Saying goodbye to my first love.

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I didn't mean to cry, to make you cry.

I didn't mean to love, only to leave.

Now I see you walk away from me,

I hope you walk on flowery paths.

I hope you be happy.

I wish goodbye to my love.

I wish I hadn't fallen in love.

To love, only to create scars.

I hope you don't be hurt again.

I wish goodbye to my love.

Everything we shared,

fades into the air and now it's just the scars on my heart that remain.

But you walk away anyway. I hope you be happy,

happy to leave behind the past.

I wish you goodbye.

My first love, I wish you goodbye.

I hope you stay healthy,

I hope you laugh.

Looking back at the time, when we were one,

I hope it doesn't break you apart, like it does to me.

I hope you aren't left alone in love,

I hope you find someone pretty.

Who never leaves you alone,

I hope you find your happiness in her.

I have to say goodbye even if my heart doesn't.

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