Dream Girl - Chapter 1
Dream Girl - Chapter 1 blood stories

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What happens when you have a dream on a specific date every month and all of them come true? To know more read the story.

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Dream Girl - Chapter 1

She cut a piece from my heart and picked it up by inserting the tip of the blade of a long knife.

Very delicately she straightened the knife to carry the blood sprinkling meat piece into her mouth.

A red stream of blood, emanating from the tip and travelling on the shining sharp steel blade,

filled the groove of the five corners star sign marked on the blade just before the wooden handle of the knife.

Few drops of blood spilled from her lips' joint at the right side as soon as she started chewing the piece. She smiled as she gulped the meat.

I felt a sharp cut on my chest and found it too heavy to breathe. I opened my eyes. Oh my god! It was a dream - a nightmare.

After realising that it was a dream, I became more tensed amd restless. Digital watch on the side table showed 5:30 A.M, Wednesday, 13th February,2013. I started sweating profusely.

It was my thirteenth dream.

I had maximum eighteen and half hours to live if this dream would also come true as did my last twelve dreams, which I dreamed on the thirteenth day of every month since I met her on Friday,

the 13th of January,2012.

I completely forgot her head lying on my chest making difficult for my lungs to restore the normal breathing. My still alive heart was pulsating very fast.

I was almost drowning in flood of fresh sweat on my chest. All the twelve dreams flashed in the sequence in my mind.

Exactly thirteen months back I first met her when I was returning from my mother's funeral. A mesmerising beauty, wrapped in a black suit, got down from an old model but neatly maintained car.

Her beauty magnetised my full consciousness to be focused on her.

I wasn't a lecher and moreover was just coming out of funeral, moreover that of my mother, but my eyes disallowed to look somewhere else.

She turned to me, and there I was, totally unaware of being caught red handed brazenly staring at a beautiful stranger at the gate of the burial ground.

My sight and mind both were caught in the depth of her illusive green eyes. Within no time, I found my body was lifted in the air and sucked through her eyes to a new world.

I kept flying, higher and higher. Sun was getting dim and turning in a star as I left the solar system behind. The sky was full of stars - few twinkling, few flaming and few exploding.

Soon I saw a green planet. Everything was green there-- green sun, green moon, green restaurant.... And there was she waiting for me on a table, in a cosy restaurant.

There were two candles-- smaller one was burning the body of the bigger one. Two glasses filled with the champagne were lying behind a vase with a rose bud.

I picked the bud and touched her glass gently with the tip of the rosy petal.

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