A Boy with Blue Eyes
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A Boy with Blue Eyes It was my first day in this college and literature department. However, I wasn’t excited even a bit.

A Boy with Blue Eyes

A Boy with Blue Eyes

It was my first day in this college and literature department. However, I wasn’t excited even a bit.

Why would I? Same lessons, same students and the same environment were the things in my hands. I bet they would act same as they did.

What was my problem? Well, I had many, but they were nothing compared to my eyes. Yeah, my eyes. They were like a double-edged sword in my life.

Silver gray the Colour I hated for the most, the stupid colour of my eyes. Why weren’t they brown or blue like everybody else’s? I had too many nicknames because of them.

‘Iron Lady’ and ‘Mrs Stormy’ are some of them. Due to their rarity, I was treated like an object than a human.

I arrived a bit of late to the class. With the opening of the door, I again met by this shocked glance, but it was unusual. I had seen the bluest ocean I have ever seen.

His eyes… My God! They were literally the reflection of the seven seas, deeper than an abyss and lively as thousands of creatures.

We stared each other for a brief moment; however, time stopped for eternal seconds. I quickly walked to a desk and sat.

His ocean eyes distilled their views on my mind gingerly. I looked at him once more and examined him. He had hair of gold and a tan skin tone which was more like human compared to mine.

For the first time in my life, I desired to know someone better. It was abrupt, really abrupt. After years of isolation and mockery, a warm flash of curiosity lit in my heart.

* * *

Next week was quite strange. He approached me several times; however, he couldn’t talk with me. I could only hear sounds like ‘um.

’ His head was always downwards as if he was trying to not look at me. I decided to stay silent about him. I really wanted to meet with him, but his body language wasn’t helping at all.

He was a castle wall of stones because of his nervousness, and I couldn’t conquer him. Somehow, I was afraid of losing (everything) about him.

Things began to change between me and him in a cultural studies’ lesson. The tutor was explaining to us the six definitions of popular culture and asked our opinions on it.

I raised my hand to take the floor.

“Ganguro girls in Japan are applying a Gramscian approach in their community.”

“In what way exactly?” inquired the tutor.

“They are using traditional and modern resources to create a new understanding of fashion.”

“This is correct Lisa. You may sit.”

I sat and noticed an admiring expression. He was sighing slowly; his ocean eyes had serene waves in them. He was watching me as if he was in a candy land or an amusement park.

I mutely giggled to myself and attempted to process something. Why was he fanning himself? It wasn’t that hot inside.

* * *

Lesson finished; we all exited the class. While I was walking, I felt a touch on my shoulder. I turned my back, saw two boys.

One was familiar, wearing a baseball hat and the other one had piercing on his ear. I knew one of them.

“Hey, Lisa. Did you remember me?” he inquired, had a sheepish grin.

“Hey, Roy.”

“Wow. She recognised you.” the other one said.

“I told you she would,” Roy replied, opening his palm. “Now give me five dollars.”

“Ugh, have it.”

He gave Roy the money and shook my hand.

“Well, hi, I’m Andrew.”

“Pleased to meet you, Andrew.”

“Can we talk with you about something Lisa?” Roy said in a serious tone.

I nodded, and we headed somewhere more private. I was scared. What did they want from me? Were they here to warn me about him? Or was it for earlier?

“Well, Lisa, we’re here to request something from you,” told Andrew.

“Yeah. It’s about a friend of ours,” added Roy.

“A friend of yours? Who’s that?”

“Eric Sanders, the boy who had been trying to talk with you.”

“Oh,” I responded, scratching my jawline. “What’s the matter with him?”

“He really wants to be friends with you; however, he’s shy about it,” said Andrew.

“He does?!”

“Yes. Could you talk him about this, please?” inquired Roy, almost begging.

“O-Of course! I’d love to do that!”

“Now, this is wonderful. Thanks, Lisa!”

Soon, they left me alone. I placed my hands on my face and squealed. He wanted to know me better too! I’d love to become friends with him just to see his ocean eyes every day.

My wishes were coming true.

* * *

Weeks passed after this event. However, I was still scared o losing everything about him. So, I made a well-developed plan to talk with him. Today was the day of the plan.

I decided to act it before the prose lesson, but a text message ruined my mood.

“ Mum: Lisa sorry to hide it from you; however, we are divorcing. Your father would take custody of your sister, and you wouldn’t able to see her again. Hurry up and come please.”

My hands started to tremble when I read the text. My phone dropped and tear into pieces. Tears flowed immediately from my cheeks. I knelt, quietly letting a silent scream out.

Suddenly, he appeared beside me.

“A-Are y-you a-alright?” he muttered.

“Hm?” I rose my head and looked at him. “Oh, it’s you.”

“H-Hi, my name is Eric. Yours is Lisa right?”


“Could you tell me why are you crying?” he inquired. “I mean if it won’t bother you.”

“I-It’s nothing. Just my family is tearing apart.”

“W-What happened to them?”

“They are divorcing, and my dad isn’t going to see my little sister Sally anymore,” I replied, almost as a whisper.

“Can we be friends?” he asked, grabbing my hands.


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