The Child and the Mouse

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The wondrous child held her dear toy close to her beating heart, She gave the dial a whirl; oh, how lovely the mouse could dart!

The Child and the Mouse

The wondrous child held her dear toy close to her beating heart, She gave the dial a whirl; oh, how lovely the mouse could dart!

Jubilant from corner to corner, wall to wall, The mouse let out his animated, mechanical wrawl.

The child observed with an immense glee, "Oh, cherished mouse! Won't you follow for a spot of tea?"

The mouse stopped his tracks and bowed his head, "I would love to just borrow your cheese and bread."

The merry girl swooshed him up, She set him on a table, a step from a cup.

"Here, there. There's lot's of food for you!" Indeed there was, ranging from grapes, to cheese, to tofu.

"My, my! I can't eat this all!" To which the girl replied, "Feed it to your family so tonight they won't feed small."

"Oh, Missis, you're too gracious indeed. As gracious and whimsical as a sprouted poppy seed!"

"No need for your compliments, my good friend, Just drink your tea, and quality time we will tend."

"Ah, Missis, I have no knowledge on how to drink this tea, I'm too small to reach the cup, you see."

The young girl inquired long and hard, However will the mouse sip without getting scarred?

"Wait a moment, my dear mouse, Let the steam vanish from the house."

In the meantime, the mouse crunched and munched, and inside his breastpocket, more food bunched.

"Ah, mouse, the tea should be cooled off now." Mouse inquires, "How should I drink it now, somehow?"

"I've quite forgotten about that bit, I'll help you drink it, lickety split."

The young girl lifted the mouse in her palm and imported him to the brim, The mechanical rodent's reflection seemed quite grim.

"Go ahead now, 'tis alright. Just perk out your lips, don't let it prove you a fright."

The mouse looked down into the steaming ocean below, and braced for the action he was attempting to undergo.

"That's it mouse, just lean in and sip!" He leaned in, yet too far he had tipped.

The startled mouse splashed without delight, He struggled to stay aloft with all his might.

"Oh my! My dear mouse, please don't drown! Oh, how much that would truly bring me down!"

The mouse yelped out shrieks of pain, yet the calls for help were only in vain.

For the child tried to scoop him away, The hand in tea scalded and frayed.

"Ouch, ouch!" She yelped and leaped about. The child reluctantly grabbed the mug and held it out.

She hastily drained the liquid to the floor, The impact made the charming, mechanic mouse no more.

Miniature gears, wheels, and rotors sprawled about the hardwood flooring, The mellow release of death, he was keenly exploring.

"My dear sweet mouse, do come back to me!" Waterfalls of tears made it hard to see.

She hoisted him up and cradled softly, Her devastated heart stung awfully.

Her seams on the dress unproperly strewn across, Across her chest, she made the sign of the cross.

"It's is my fault you have pardoned this world and me, In return, I shall do your duty and feed your kin for thee."

She whispered with an angelic tone, "Trust me, dear friend. Though you're broken and insides shown,

You will stay tucked tightly in my heart, No matter how far we seem to be apart."

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