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A Poem Of a Night

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Ink Bleed

by Derrick Brown

If only I could sleep through the days

Wake more into the nights

My visions of you are more vivid

When it's Dark Outside

For my Mornings are Blurs

Wrist Bands and Temporary Tattoos

Maybe these Desires

Are nothing but a Drunk Lore

Penning out all these emotions

And the ink is bleeding all over

But I refuse to toss away these pages

All these mistakes

And it's hard for me to rewrite it all

I always seem to be out of line

Margin of Error

Is Not finding another You

In this Era

Silly of Me

To think you was just a Novelty

For a Moment

You was my Thrill in a world

I thought I could Mold alone with Words and Charm

We always Sparred about it but you always was my Spur

I know you Believed in me

I started to Dream of us

I figured you didn't believe in us

I don't even know if I believe in us

You could of told me all your Secrets

You could Lust Me

I Mean Trust Me

Admittance to my Heart

Without a True Admitting

I Shouldn't Even Trust Me

And I've been trying to make new pages

Like This Ink wont stop bleeding through

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