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Whimsically absurd internal examination of man and his historically uncanny inability to rise above himself ... Justly setting Woman on her intellectual plateau, having never a finger waved. My poor attempt at a long-winded joke I imagine might cross the lips of professors during scholarly conjecture at an institution such as MIT...

Circus Freak

I go straight to the basal depths of every stereotyped, typical male cheauvanist's play book...

A dichotomy of self and betrayal of one's very being through reckless abandon,

a sense of absolute disregard for well honed and thoughtfully learned mannerisms and behaviors

because of a fleeting moment of complete loss of inhibition...

Is that then truth showing self?

Or instead the living embodiment

of a lie jumping forth

to destroy that peace

only just found

and firmly supplant within, Only moments after foul work Completed.. That which we loathe most within our own psyche...

Inhibitions are there for a reason Man..

Frontal lobe be damned, you with your self-righteousness,

A wit and personality so long of this life developed..

meet the Archipallium..

don't know it?

Limbic systems oldest reptilian remnants..

Though cold of blood it may not be,

mesencephalon with globus and olfactory bulbs rearing their primitive nuclei...

As serpentine heads, forked tongues et al, licking at the brain stem..

T'is only that excuse I allowed myself.

Primitive brain yet isn't my blame..

again, frontal lobe, his attempts to distract..

fruitless and in vain, for certainly

Id's own intellect betrays it's clever roose!

Spoken internally into excuse while simultaneous reasoning forbids the same.

To wit, intellect betrays ignorance

whilst Ego's part sets aflame any hopes had

of avoiding shame...

Melancholic circus

where ringmaster absent,

animals, acrobats, clowns

and crowds alike

chaotically scamper about unchecked...

Such is the state we find

an accepting mind

of temporary lies self spoke...

Belief matters little,

when acceptance permits.

Little by little the lunacy subsides

reason finding hold

again among the high flying trapeze...

Safety net expands beneath

wallowing ache

to sooth a mind of its treachery

and acknowledgement of mistake...

Not at all the circus Freak after all..

No, quite common and mundane,

simply exaggerated,

inferior and o'erflowing...

Set this Hubris aside,

a simple man find...

these processes by example define... Commonplace Homo Sapiens Sapiens...

The inferior sex

in his inferior prime.

Game, Set, Match.

Man - 0 Woman - 1

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