What it feels like to be in New York City
What it feels like to be in New York City newyork stories

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Here it is, it is what you've been waiting for. Take it.

What it feels like to be in New York City

There are all kinds of movies, books, TV shows centered around New York.

Though each character filling the narrative has its own story and purpose, the story still has a connection to New York that acts as its foundation.

I have been obsessed with this since I watched Sex and The City through the crack in the door where my parents sat watching. There, Carrie Bradshaw sat on the stairs of her walk up.

That's when I knew, I have to go to New York.

I spent the rest of the years after that watching and reading anything about the city. I was obsessed. Then the time came to apply to college.

My heart was set and I knew I had to go to New York. The school I chose, centered in Lower Manhattan enriched in the city, I deemed perfect for me.

You could imagine my excitement when I got my letter back, acceptance. I knew my life was about to begin.

Stepping off the plane my first day in my new world didn't feel any different. I was disappointed . This life-changing experience I had been waiting for seemed lack-luster.

The next day I moved into my dorm, though putting on a happy face to my parents I still remained terrified.

They were to leave that night, and the thought that I would be alone scared me more than anything.

We said tearful goodbyes in the common area of my dorm. I watched as my parents walked through the door taking my childhood with it.

After spending 2 hours in my room, making small-talk with my roommate I decided to take a walk outside. I knew I had to make an effort now that I was stuck here.

When I stepped out of my dorm I was alarmed. The noise, the bustling people, the smell. Every sensory detail overloaded me. And then, I began to walk.

I passed men in suits yelling on the phone, women with their strollers smoking, tourists looking confused. Every one of them a purpose.

I saw the different young people, all with different styles. Some athletic, some trendy, some flaunting every designer brand.

I was overwhelmed with the number of languages coming from all different directions. French, Spanish, Chinese, and some unidentifiable to my ears.

I made my way to the corner and stopped. Closing my eyes for a second, I felt it. The feeling of being alive in a pulsing, breathing city.

The description and the music and the magic I felt it all at once. When I opened my eyes, I had grown a little older.

The rush felt like when the tide comes over your feet but it is so cold it shocks you. The shock of knowing you have found where you belong.

The comfort in knowing that you have a place to belong. The things that people hate about New York I find the best.

I have fallen in love with the city. I can no longer see its flaws. I have fallen in love with its constant business, its horns, and honks, with the foot traffic and jaywalking.

With the skyscrapers that protect you from the humid sun, and the streets that act as wind tunnels. With the extremely unpredictable weather, with the misty rain that kisses your face.

I have fallen in love with chess games in the park. The street artists. The random parks that show up in the city. The walking, god I love the walking.

The social commentary people who only look for a debate that situate themselves on benches or in front of my school.

But most of all, I have fallen in love with the feeling that I know that this place is magical. That there is no other place like it.

That feeling comes once in a lifetime when you get it don't ignore it. You have found the place you belong.


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