A Sense of Regret
A Sense of Regret mansnature stories

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A take on man's nature.

A Sense of Regret

"Hey, leave him. Stop. This is enough".

I was trying desperately to get the thief out of the clutches of the mob.

Someone pushed me back out of the crowd. I was back again, out of the circle, which took me around half an hour to penetrate.

People can be so ruthless, so aggressive, that they surpass their state to reason, they turn into beasts, their animal instincts take over,

and they forget that the person they are hitting so ruthlessly is himself a man.

Yes, he has committed a crime, but what are they doing, taking law into their hands, isn't it a crime to take law into your own hands, now,

who is going to beat them just as they are beating the thief, no one, because there will be no complaints filed against them. Who will file a complaint? The thief?

I didn't try again to rescue the man. I turned around and saw the policeman looking at me.

"It is futile", he said looking at me.

"Are you going to do anything?" I asked

"Nothing can be done, just wait for the mob to calm down", he replied,

"these people get very few chances in their life to take out their frustrations over something and this man has become that momentary object".

"What kind of frustration?"

"It could be anything, their job, their married life, their love life, their shattered dreams, their inability to achieve their goals, their rude children, the government, lost games,

bets or chances of life, anything. Mostly it's God".

"Why God?"

"They think He is the one responsible for all their miseries, their losses, their downfalls, their inability to perform in life.

They think the God is biased, he only favors those who are dear to ones, not to everyone, and He is partial."

"So, why they don't go to some temple and break his idols or beat a priest."

"They beat the thief because he is a creation of God, maybe a creation who maybe dear to Him.

They will never go to a temple and break his idols or even hit a priest accidentally, as they fear the wrath of the God.

They fear that what may follow their actions; they fear the unknown, which is only known to the God.

They fear that their lives will be made more miserable by God if they do something which is termed evil by the holy books."

"Isn't it evil to beat a man?"

"It may be, but their consciousness has been shrouded by their motivation of revenge and their fogged judgment is telling them that they are washing the man of his sins,

and so they are doing something right in the eyes of the God."

"And are you doing something which is good in the eyes of God, by letting these animals take law into their hands?"

"Maybe no, but I am avoiding something even bigger by not interfering.

These people are in rage and that rage may turn towards me, not me but the uniform I am wearing, not the uniform but the government which has provided me this uniform,

not the government but the God who has appointed some people of that government to control their lives.

Once, the fog which has blanketed their sense of judgment starts fading, these people will start analyzing their actions and would go home feeling guilty for what they have done."

"Do you believe these animals would feel guilty over beating a man half-dead, who had just robbed them a moment ago of their belongings,

traveling with them by the bus and masquerading himself as a fellow passenger and breaking their faith the next moment?

Do you think these beasts would ever forgive a man for so easily fooling them,

and showing them how they are just an instrument in his everyday play of tricks and how far superior is he to them in the race of life?

Do you think they will ever love a person who has outwitted them in their own game, the game of life?

They will just move on satisfied with their quench of vengeance without any sort of regret and any kind of sympathy for the man they have just destroyed.

"Maybe at first they will not be able to reason with themselves at the moment, but as soon their sense of reason returns, they will regret.

Some of them will even cry when they will be alone, for what they have done.

When they would be able to know that they had just thrashed a man who was like them, made by God, one of his creation, just as they are, with a family, two kids waiting at home,

a wife preparing his evening tea and getting ready for him in her best attire so that he could rest peacefully by her, a man who was equal in the eyes of God, just like them."

"I don't believe a word of yours"

"You don't have to, just wait patiently and look at them, read them as if they are some books with a troubled story but a happy ending.

There is both good and evil inside a man, it's just the time which decides which will be dominant for that time.

The emotions, the mood, the environment, all of them conspire to create either a holy or an evil man.

You are looking at the evil one at present but as soon the good one overcomes, you will witness the beauty of men.

It is easy for a man to be evil but hard to be good, the evil desire takes over you easily but the good ones always have to fight a battle with your evil side to bring out the holiness in you."

I looked towards the crowd; they had ceased beating the man. Their faces were red; they looked like a demon in normal clothes, which had gone untidy due to the violence performed by them.

They were looking at each other, questioning each other with their eyes, what next.

Some of them were running away from the scene, towards a bus or an auto to escape the scene as if they had suddenly realized the worst nightmares of their life.

Of the whole culprit mob, only six of them were left, they were just standing over the man lying on the ground, bleeding severely from his forehead,

the charcoal road had turned red by his blood, and he was lying unconsciously, unresponsive, as if dead.

The same man who just a moment pleading for his life was, for forgiveness, for repentance was flat on the ground as if sleeping on a bed.

His face gave the expression of the worst of terrors and apathy he had just observed.

Suddenly, one of the men bent down and put his hands over the man's nostrils, there was breath, it was evident from the man's expression of relief.

One of them, took out his cell phone and called the ambulance, one of them, took out his handkerchief and started washing the blood from his thief's head.

The other one also offered him his handkerchief, they tied the cloth at the cut to prevent the blood from coming out.

The ambulance arrived; they all helped the paramedics get the thief into the van.

With the ambulance gone, they stretched themselves and started calling their families that they would be late for the dinner. They washed themselves and were gone one by one.

They scene of violence was now the scene of silence, not a single person was there, only the blood of the thief was left spilled all over the road.

I turned towards the policeman to tell him that he was right, but he too was gone.

You cannot call a person an evil or a good person just with the outbursts of his emotions, you cannot tell how much good is there in a man just by his looks,

you cannot evaluate what he does for living just by his looks, you cannot tell how a man leads his life and his family just by his profession,

but you can definitely tell that there is God in this world and there is goodness in this world alongwith its evil cousin.

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