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The world of Faye seems to have always ignored the rights of it's smallest marked group, the Wards. However, as Ara-half of the prophesized Gemini-becomes an anomaly to the percieved world order, the untold secrets of the past and the lives intertwined begin to slowly unfold.


Chapter 1 : Gemini

Monday * February 22nd * 2154

Loki Preparatory

Loki, Vanaheim, Undine


"Gaia, our celestial goddess, sits at the center of the universe, maintaining a balance between the two entities Ptah, who possesses the gifts of life, creativity, and the elements,

and Yama the gifts of the death, time, and-"

"Ara," Jack begins, "I really love that you're proud of you religion essay, but it'd be a lie if I said I cared enough to read it.

" The twins sat side by side with their feet up against the beige slant of the lower west wing stairs.

It'd been an uneventful afternoon since they'd finished their morning "History of Mana" class and were skipping lunch.

"Jack, come on," his eyes were closed as his head pressed back against the cool wall, "I made it really interesting."

"How could you make history interesting."

"I'm just retelling it in a less boring way." He scoffed in response as his sister looked for where she left off.

"Gaia, as the bearer of all beings, loves balance and enforces it on all. When Ptah decided to create children of his own, Gaia saw an upset on her scale. She-"

"-What, she couldn't bear the thought of her son giving birth." Ara sent him a glare as he chuckled at his own joke.

"You're not funny." She rolled her eyes before shutting her binder, placing it back in her navy backpack. "You do realize this is going to be in some portion of the Mana test tomorrow...

this isn't something you can show up unprepared for."

"-I won't." He snapped. "I just-just finish what you wanted to say." Sneaking a worried glance at her brother's now annoyed expression, Ara pursed her lips before continuing.

"So, when Ptah had his children, the Titans and gods, Gaia saw an imbalance, as Yama did not possess the gift of life to do so as well.

So to fix this, she made all of Ptah's children mortal beings, so that at the end of their journeys-"

"Our deaths."

"-Our journeys...our souls would cross over through Kabbala to join Yama. Ptah did not voice any concern over this, as he was still able to keep his children."

"Are you kidding me, I'd fight him," Jack's eyes snapped open as he turned his head towards his sister.

"Like what the hell? I'd be so unfathomably livid if my own mother, the holier-than-thou bearer of all, gave my children's souls to my goth brother."

Ara rolled her eyes at her brother's claims.

"You'd shorten your lifespan by not letting it go. And not to mention, Ptah wasn't angry because the physical bodies of his children would seep into Faye, back to him. So some portion-"

"A disgusting, sloppy seconds portion."

"-Some portion of us stays with him. The balance of everything is what's most important, you know this.

Anyway, Ptah first had six children: Sagani, the twins Ikatere and Undine, Vul, Sylph, and lastly Terra."

"Since Ptah possesses the gifts of life and creativity, he also possesses the mana of all four natural elements.

He gifted Ikatere and Undine the water mana, Vul the fire mana, Sylph the air mana, and Terra the earth mana.

Sagani was the only one of the six with no mana, and he remained so for a century, only acting as warden of the land,keeping the other titans, the gods, and creatures in balance.

Seeing this, Ptah gave him part of his own intelligence and creativity mana, saying he and his children will forever remain the wardens of the Full as the five others' would be the elementals."

"What kind of gift is creativity?" Ara said nothing as her brother angrily drawled on. "Here we are getting shit on, and Ptah thinks that equates to all the mana given to his other children."

"I mean the intelligence plays a big part, and I think we put to good use our creativity."

"So, you think working our asses off, and those elemental asses taking credit for it is putting those gifts to good use?"

"Of course there are some injustices, but we can still strive for a better-"

"-When will you realize that there is no we," he turned his whole body to face his sister, "there's you and I, and the rest of the ward population that has yet to be bred out...

but there is never going to be a 'we'."

A deafening silence settled around them, and Ara saw no point in arguing with her brother.

Her harmonious, and peaceful manner always clashed with the loathsome outlook he grew to have on the rest of the world.

Minutes passed before the twins heard chattering coming from down the hall.


To be continued...

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