Please Don’t Go
Please Don’t Go  unrequited love stories

nikkihorrorPoetry Writer
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The one thing I wanted, was you by my side.

Please Don’t Go

The one thing I wanted

Was you by my side

Of course, I dreamed to call you mine

Each day that passed, I thought of you

As months went by, my love just grew

And finally as time went on

You came back to prove me wrong

Like this could work

In some weird way

Finally I’d get to say

That’s my man, he loves me too

If only I knew what you’d do

You didn’t mean for me to cry

As you said your used goodbyes

The distance between us is far to long

How could we ever possibly get along

The calls, the texts, it’s all too much

Her back at home, well she’s enough

No, she’s not you, but you’re not there

She’ll do for now, hope you don’t care

Someday, he said, ill try for you

The timings off, everything’s blue

Just wait a while, I’ll come around

Soon enough, I’ll be back in town

Your heart, you’ll give

Ive missed you so

Next time, I’ll beg

Please don’t go

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