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Magic. Wonder. The story of growing up


Listen to the waves of the sea chapter 1:

The beach waves were my sanctuary. My home away from home. My life away from my life. A place where I could be whatever the heck I wanted to be. I didn't have to be the smart girl.

I could be me. I could be Alexandra. I didn't have to be a straight-A student. I could be a rebel. Because no one would ever find me here. Ever. No matter what. I could swim with the fish.

I could play with the crabs. I could write my name in the sand with seashells. I could be me. At school I had to work. I had to do everything ahead of time.

I had to do extra credit just so the teachers weren't disappointed in me. See, when you are smart from the start, teachers have expectations. Everyone had their expectations of you.

I couldn't be the Alexandra I was, that little bit of rebel in me, that little girl, that popular girl, that theatre girl, was stuck. Trapped. And the beach is where this story begins and ends.

It is the place where four worlds meet, where they join. Where no one has to hide.

I sat on the beach, the waves stretching towards the horizon, a green and blue abyss that could just as easily set me free as drowned me. A dangerous beauty, a killer in disguise.

I pushed back my garnet colored, thick-rimmed glasses with rectangular frames up on my nose. I pulled my pecan colored hair back into a ponytail and sighed. The beach could only last forever.

If my family found out that this was where I went everyday after school instead of the library, they would have my head. The sun bounced off the sand, giving it an orange glow.

I took a step into the warm water. Only my foot was in it, but it sent the warmth up through my body.

I didn't want to walk further, because today I was still wearing my boyfriend jeans and my marigold shirt. Little white daffodils danced across it. It was my favorite shirt.

I loved it so much I could never bare to get it wet. Maybe the jeans. But not the shirt. Never the shirt. I turned around and headed back home.

I couldn't stay too much longer, because the sun was starting to set. Another day gone. Another day closer to winter. I hated winter.

Because every winter, my parents took me away from Maui and over to Minnesota. I couldn't stand Minnesota. At all.

Because there it was cold and icy and everything was covered in a blanket of snow. I hate snow. I hate the private school I go to there. I much prefer it here in Maui.

But as the end of November drew closer, I couldn't help but stare longingly at the sea.

"Listen." I whispery voice echoed along the shoreline. I froze as it began to sing, clearly and blissfully.

See the waves, strong and sure, crashing along the seashore.

Listen to the waves of the sea.

Do not fear goodbye-ing, for it shall only be a year.

My darling.

When you hear the waves crashing, know it is me speaking.

Listen to the waves of the sea.

Listen and know the secrets I tell you

My darling.

For I love you

Listen to the waves of the sea.

I took an uncertain step towards the voice, which seemed to be coming from the end of the beach. I walked out of the water, heading towards it.

Listen to the waves of the sea.

Just then my phone started ringing. I pulled it out of my pocket and looked at the screen in horror, dread washing through me. Dread of answering the phone.

What will they ask? I think as I stare blankly at the screen, saying that my Mother was calling me. I answerd though, holding the phone to my ear. "Yes?..." I ask uncertaintly.

"Where are you?" My Mother asked calmly. "At the library." I lied. "Can I stay for just a little longer? I have to finish the term paper for my advanced History class.

" I knew if I said I was doing homework, they would be most amused and let me stay longer. I had actually already done all the homework. I had done it last night. "No.

" My Mother responded, stoney and cold. "Why not? I really need to finish this paper!" I practically screamed into my phone.

Be quiet and you will hear the voices of the waves

My darling

Listen to the waves of the sea.

Mother was silent for a moment. "Fine. You can stay until that paper's finished. But it better be done before 10:00. Don't forget your curfew." I groaned. I hated curfew. But Mother had a point.

I couldn't stay out that late. I would only stay here at the beach long enough to find out who was singing. "And afterwards, come into our room.

" Mother finished, hanging up the phone without an 'I love you.' All my parents cared about was my grades and how there was no way they would have to pay the college tuition. "Bye.

Love you." I finished even though no one was there. I sighed and put my phone back into my pocket.

I wait for your return, for I know it will be soon.

Soon I know, I will wait no longer for you

My darling.

Listen to the waves of the sea.

I kept walking towards the singing. But the singing had stopped. I kept walking and walked along the whole beach. But there was no one there. I headed back home just as the sun set.

But I could've sworn I'd heard the voice cry one last time,

And do not leave me in grief

And do not reject the ocean's help

And hear my plea

Please come home

My darling

I listen for you to respond

For I have been calling you for years.

Do you still listen, do you still care?

My darling

Listen to the waves of the sea

And let me wait no longer.

I looked back at the sea, black without the reflection of light. But of course there was no one there. There never was. I was imaging the voice. But my phone did ding.

It was Mother, telling me to leave, because it was 10:00. There was no way that 3 hours had passed since that call, because I knew walking the length of the beach only took me 1 hour.

I was a little mad. I looked at my phone. It read, 8:00. Can you not read the clock on your phone? I thought as I walked slowly back home.


My house was a big, expensive, don't touch me, mansion. You wouldn't want to touch it because the wood alone was more expensive than your brand-new computer. I hated it.

I hated everything about it.

I hated the way it looked, with the wine red walls and white framing, the perfect windows kept so clean it was sickening, the way it stood out from all the other houses.

I just couldn't stand it at all. And I knew I couldn't ever like it. I liked the house in Minnesota better. Although I liked Maui better. I just liked the Minnesota's house better.

Not that I liked the snow better. I pushed open the door to the clean, orderly living room with 2 big, leather couches with soft, white lining.

Mom was in the kitchen, cleaning up the long table. "Yes Mother?" I asked her. She wanted to talk to me, I knew that from the call.

She thought I would be home later than this and thought that she would be in bed. But rather it was still only 8:40. "Your 40 minutes late dear." She scolded as elegantly as she could.

"Actually, I'm early." I showed her my phone time. "Don't look at the oven timer. You know it's off." I pointed to her phone, which she had on, blasting pop music. "Your phone is always right.

Always." Mother looked at the time and groaned. "Wait. Where's your papers?" She asked. As if she expected me to do it on paper. No way. Never. Never ever. "It was on the computer.

" I told her. Although I didn't have the computer either. The computer was in the living room, so I guessed it fit. "Oh. Okay. And there's something else I need to tell you.

We're leaving early for Minnesota." She said this as if it were nothing. As if it was no big news that my time in Maui was being cut short.

My sanctuary was only going to last for a few more days. Mother took FOREVER to pack, and so I knew we weren't leaving for at least 4 days. At least. But it was still ending two weeks early.

"No! Mother, why? Why can't we wait two more weeks? I don't want to go to Minnesota yet!" I yelled the words before I could stop myself. I clutched my hand over my mouth. Mother gasped.

"What did you just say?" She barked before pushing me up the stairs to my room. I looked down them, the purple carpet from Asia rumpled from my fighting. I tilted my head to the side.

How could Mother make us go to Minnesota early? Why? I wanted to stay here, with my beach. Not have to go to two schools, leaving one half way through the year only to return for the spring.

I really hated it. In fact, I hated just about everything my Mother had said to me in the past few hours. But I just couldn't seem to get that song out of my head.

I couldn't rid myself of my curiosity. I just couldn't. I really just couldn't. I wanted to find out who was singing. I looked out the window. I saw palm trees and scattered coconuts.

And my heart was at the beach.

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