All things christmas entry
All things christmas entry all-things-christmas stories

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Twas the night before Chistmas... for real!!

All things christmas entry

Once a young girl sat on the floor of her room on a cold winter morning. No snow had fallen to the ground. Her big sister came in, her black hair rolling off her shoulders.

"Sophia, are you just going to sit there?" She asked her younger sister.

"Yes." She answerd. Her sister groaned.

"Why?" She asked again.

"Because soon Chirstmas will be here. And pictures of suger pulms will dance in my head as I lay all nestled up in my bed."

The older sister just laughed and left the room, thinking that whoever came up with Santa and wrote that silly old poem was a fool.

On Chirstmas eve she planned to stay up all night just so she could prove that Santa was not real.

"You will see him, I know you will." Sophia told her that day. But of course she didn't beleve.

She sat up in bed all night untill she heard the sound of something on the roof. She stood up and headed downstairs to find no one but the Jolly Fat man himself.

Taken aback, she ran upstairs and lay in bed.

The next morning she told her sister what she had seen.

Sophia only winked, saying, "Of course you did."


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