happy father's day...
happy father's day... daughter stories

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happy father's day...
a little tribute to the REAL life superheroes...

happy father's day...

A father is also a man. He has the same virtues and vices as any other man on the planet. But then, there is something special about him.

He may be a man to the rest of the world but, to his daughter, he is special, very special.

He is the first man a daughter loves. Seeing her father, a daughter sketches the picture of “her man”.

It is a father who plays the role model for a daughter’s “prince” because she is her father’s “princess”.

To a daughter, her love, her husband will always be the “second-best” because, her “father’s first”

A son shares a very different equation with his father. The structure of our society is such that both of them have been grown up learning “don’t cry”, “men don’t cry” and other nonsense bluff.

But there is a language stronger than words and actions, the language of feelings, the language of love…

And that forms the bond between a father and his son- friends for life. They are the true photocopy of each other but both hesitate to acknowledge the fact.

Both tend to say, “I’m not like him” when both know deep in their hearts, “I’m just like him/ He’s just like me…”

Partners in flirting, partners in watching football, partners in playing cricket, partners in hiding tears…

This is for the thousand unsaid things between a father and his son… things that may be unsaid but aren’t unheard…

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