The Witch is Inside of You
The Witch is Inside of You poetry stories
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nikayna I have within me a thousand stories.
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The Witch is Inside of You

sit in the silence.

is it so quiet?

the burning logs crackle and hiss

not quite drowning out

the soft hum of crickets, the barely there


of bat wings cartwheeling

through clouds of mosquitos.

sit in the darkness.

is it so black?

firefly stars twinkle on and off

and wolfish eyes blink

every time they swivel their heads

toward the fire,

the outline of fur

a faint grey against black

in the moonlight.

sit in crowded solitude.

are you alone?

the fire

the fireflies

the bats above

the circling wolves

the moon

the witch

rattling the ribcage

the witch

you are not alone

the witch --

the witch is inside of you.

let her out.

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