The Father Christmas, Santa Claus
The Father Christmas, Santa Claus  santa claus stories

niharikavarshne Community member
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What intrigued me the most about Christmas while writing this poem, was how old school we all become when it comes to Saint Nicolas, aka The Father Christmas, aka Santa Claus.

The Father Christmas, Santa Claus

Cozy winter nights. Star's and Moon's lights. Eagerly waits for the one, Who comes once in a while.

With his Reindeer's cart,he comes down from sky heaven. Onto this earth, Carrying bags of presents. Gifting them to everyone,in essence.

He gives and gives and gives, Asking for nothing in return, nor showing his real presence. Maybe, it's time for us to learn from him, a, lesson.

A lesson to take great joy in giving, without needing to receive.

Just be kind, generous, thoughtful, and you will relive, Relive what you once lost, when you thought of being selfish, for a cause.

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