The friend
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nightwishesI think too much and write too little
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There's a lot of...

The friend

by nightwishes

There's a lot of loneliness in this world,

and I can't say I've experienced a lot but right now it hurts down in my gut I don't know how it happened suddenly it was just there I thought it would be rare I thought I wouldn't care

But it has consumed my brain leaving my thoughts in vain

eventually it will start to rain not from a cloud not from the sky just silently from my eye

Now get me right there's no one to hold tight

maybe physically, but that is not right 'cause what I'm longing for is someone who's bright someone who's light anybody that doesn't fight and saying this I know there's something I miss

A smile A laugh

addressed to me of a person alone with the same destiny of a person like me, sharing same memory so if you feel alone with no one to call home call me in the night and it'll all be alright

Maybe it's just in your dream I'll still get what you mean

and I know it is true since I'm a friend with a clue.

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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This was such a baleful poem with hope and consternation swirling around through the stanzas. The word choices you made were evocative of the loneliness that was your message. Great Poem!! By the way there is no such thing as too much thinking. It's sort of like saying too much fun.