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nightwishes I think too much and write too little
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The circus

by nightwishes

It started last year I felt the same fear

on the exact same day in the exact same way but here I am again forgotten every bit of how it felt overwhelmed with all the flashbacks I stand tall, give a smile

but deep down I still feel the cracks and I know; there won't be less there won't be more than an hour full of stares an hour full of smiles full of passes full of looks

and when the time is up the curtains fall

there's no more standing tall not even a goodbye

only a memory a fainted circus melody

next year at the same time everything will be just fine until the hour comes when the show begins and the same clown sings because unlike you he stays the same he doesn't leave

year after year I don't fear because I know with certainty I'll be here again I'll stand tall, give a smile maybe it's not you, and though the feeling might be the same I know in my heart

every year every hour every time

It'll be a new boy

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