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nightwishes I think too much and write too little
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I've decided to make my Secret Santa into a weekly Christmas calendar. One chapter once a week. I hope you enjoy.

1. December

by nightwishes

The sound of "it's beginning to look at lot like Christmas" still rang in her ears, as she walked the streets trying to find the train station. The evening was ice cold.

On her coat there was a fine layer of snowflakes. She turned a corner and spotted the station " 'bout time ", she thought to herself as she ran towards the trains.

Out of breath she reached the station. It had been a long time since she had experienced such a crowded place; everywhere people hurried around with big bags filled with early Christmas gifts.

Eventually she managed to make her way through the masses all the way onto platform 5. But no train in sight. She looked desperately at her watch 10:35 PM. Meaning the train still had 1 minute.

But after 5 minutes the train still wasn't there and eventually she noticed she was all alone on the platform. Or at least that's what she thought.

"Excuse me? but you're gonna stand her all night if you're waiting for a train - no trains later than 10:30 PM during the season." A raspy dark voice approached.

Although she had heard every syllable the voice had said she couldn't believe it. This was not how it was supposed to go. She had made a plan and it didn't not include this.

Frustrated and anxious she turned around. Facing the voice - or well the man. He was in his late 2o's, wearing leather jeans and an ugly holiday sweater. Well at least someones enjoying christmas

she thought to herself with a smile. He chewed on a cigarette whilst looking at her with an intensity she had rarely experienced. "You gonna stare all night?" He asked, the cigarette still in his

mouth. Her face turned bright red, making her turn her head away immediately - suddenly finding the floor really interesting. "I'm sorry..." she whispered, "... and thanks"

Still looking down onto the floor she made herself ready to leave. There had clearly been enough embarrass- and disappointments for one night.

She was already a few feet away from the voice when it said: "You're new in town right?"

She stopped and held her breath. "Yes..." she finally said adding an "but how'd you know?" "I just do..." was his only answer.

"Btw I'm Z" the man said whilst leaving. "Stella" she replied, when he was already out of reach.

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