Butterfly Kisses
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You smile, cat-like and predatory.
The world is ripe for the plucking.

Butterfly Kisses

By Anna Grey

You wake up, and know your strength. A grin stretches across your face. They’ll all fall to your sweet kiss.

You start slow. Kisses on the cheek, a brush of lips over their knuckles, and they’re yours. It begins with your school, your hometown.

You make it a quirk of yours and after a while it is commonplace to catch glimpses of you flitting around greeting newcomers. You host parties. You’re invited to everything, a social butterfly. Everyone knows your name.

You grow bored of the isolated place.

You say goodbyes, make excuses. College in another state, you say. You’ll do great things, they respond. You’ll change the world someday. You leave the small town you grew up in, each person wrapped around your pinky.

You grin, unnaturally sharp and bright. There’s a whole world out there, after all.

You fly in a beast of metal and sound, meeting new people, enthralling them. Out the window is a sight unlike any other, and it takes your breath away. Towering pillars of glass and steel, a copper lady standing guard on an island. New York.

A land of endless opportunities for your unique gift.

A kiss on the knuckles for hello, a brush of lips over cheek for goodbye. Dozens fall the first day alone. You grin, glee flooding you. This is what it’s like to feel truly alive.

You wander for days, always immaculate, living off the goodwill of your people. And they are your people now- they love you.

There is a sort of responsibility in it.

You see the flaws in the world, the discordance in the harmonies. Little things stacking up. You make a point to give advice to your people, for good causes all. Advocate for the good of your brethren, you say. We are family now.

You have hundreds here, a network across the city. A way to tell where you are needed most. The others you know not who you are have heard whispers of your passing. The Fair One, they say. Whoever crosses their path exits blessed.

None of the untouched can put a face to the name.

Oh, they try. Lovers torn apart when you miss one of the pair. One of your people, crying at your feet, begging for your help to get them back. You pull them up, agree, and follow them home. Upon entrance, you smile at their partner. Hello, you say. Why are you sad? Don’t cry.

Monster, they sob. You’ve taken all that I love.

Dear child, you croon. I have one goal, and that is the betterment of our world. Help me help us all.

They still.

You come closer, silent on the floorboards. You take their face in both hands and kiss them softly on the forehead. Dear heart, you say. Your beloved has not betrayed you. Their eyes have been opened, as have yours. You rub your thumb under their eye.

I am sorry for missing you the first time, you whisper.

You let go, and leave them to their reunion.

You walk into a theatre one day, drawn by the melody. Your eyes feast upon the stage, dancers whirling, song and music surrounding it all. The audience is enraptured beside you.

You have a new goal.

You show up at auditions, casual kisses unhindered by jealousy, each content to be in your presence. The first performance, you take the stage and claim the spotlight. You fit seamlessly in to the act, actors instinctively knowing how to make the best showing.

You bow, grinning bright with happiness and revelry. You look around and see your Court on stage, clapping audience enthralled with the performance, as you had been not long ago.

Hundreds gathered for a glimpse of your show, people flocking from across the country. Thousands under your thrall, your Court sentinels by your side. People part before you on the streets, bringing confused freinds to meet you.

You always give the same greeting and goodbye.

The number grows quickly, your show traveling the country. Eventually, the advice you give becomes law, pushed forward by your people. Economy improves. Solar energy replaces coal factories. Millions come together, motivated by your words, making the world a better, kinder place.

One country down.

Your travel continues, Court beside you. One by one, people unite under your banner. You leave your home continent, and move on to the rest of the world. You promote family, health, kindness.

And the world is better for it.

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