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Don't go...

Two Words

The last day you said goodbye

The last day you said we will keep in touch

The last day you said have a great summer

The last day I said nothing

The bottom pit in my stomach ready to reach out and say something, said nothing at all

Wobbling back and forth trying to find balance

The tears coming down my face one after another

Begging for me to say something anything at all

I tried to find the words but my lips couldn’t move

As if they were glued shut by the words around me or the words I couldn’t bear to say out loud

The last day I stood still unable to move for the fear of letting you go

Grasping for the words right at the tip of my tongue forming the D to an O to an N to a T to a G to an O

Don’t go

Drowning in my own tears as I watch you disappear into oblivion never to appear again

Why did you go

Come back I have something to say

I’m ready to say it

Give me a chance

Oh will you come back

Come back to me

I’m so naive

For not saying the two words that could’ve made you stay

But the last day I couldn’t do it

Two simple words that seem meaningless at first glance

can change everything in one second

But the realizing sensation that you were leaving didn’t hit me

Until now

Now when you’re gone, never coming back

To say hello or how was your day

On the last day I said nothing at all

Wishing I had, as the tears hit my cheeks like a waterfall and my lips paralyzed unable to form two words

So that Day I said nothing and walked away wishing I said the two words don’t go but it was too late.

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