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Archie Smiths, a 13 year old boy living in the country, is playing with his two best friends since birth (Alex and Rowan) in the forest. While dareing each other to jump the creek, they hear a mysterious sound far off in the distance. Do they man up and check it out? or go home?

This is my second story, my first being on Wattpad, it wasn't very good I made it about two years ago. But I want to get back into writing again, I stopped becaus of school (you know how it goes, each teacher gives a long a$$ assignment and they all forget you hav 5 other classes, so you end up with 4 essays due, math homework, and a Band concert the next day)
Yeah not fun! Little children enjoy elementary because you will miss it.
8th grade = mean, smelly little classmates and a slap on the face for kids who don't know how to study
Anyways I hope you enjoy, this was way too long but hey it's 12:34 am for me and I gotta go to Honor Band early tomorrow morning.

Little Human

Little Human

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