WE WANTED TO BE THE SKY teens stories
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We Wanted to Be the Sky

We were the fuzzy sparkler puffs of blazing stars

Tangles of clothes wrapped around beams of moonlight

Hearts bumping bass that vibrated in our bones

The purple of the ocean churning in our chests

Tongues of flame that spit fire and danced together in the passion of night

Skin painted with the blue hues of the early dawn

We were the sky

We were everything

And now we spill across the sheets, heavy as the morning sun

Shoulders bathed in the milky sunrise, cold as ice

Mourning in the red silence, alone

The room grows a brilliant gold as the sun kisses the sky

Bodies a pale white, eyes dull and blinking

Chests weighed down with the water of frigid oceans in our lungs

We lay together, quiet, unmoving, unspoken

We wanted to be the sky

We had nothing

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