The price of rebellion
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The Price of rebellion, what will it be?

The price of rebellion

Annabelle has been one of the most hated criminals in Obsidian but she is sick of living in the destruction of a place she should call home.

A key, a dream and little to no hope are all she has left.

Forced, controlled and threatened in a place where she accepts life in an army of manipulated souls or becomes the phoenix rising from ashes of the houses she demolished.

Some want power, others want peace. It is not good nor evil. It is not light nor dark. It's Just dictators and dreaded lives.

One day Rayan Ro tries getting revenge on Annabelle but he finds out how much of a lie he has been living this whole time.

Will she ever be able to trust again?

Will she become a heroine that brings everyone out of their agony?

Can a broken heart find the pieces to freedom?

You can find the story on my Wattpad, Inkitt, medium and Anystories! enjoy :) Wattpad: @nightlockxmoon Inkitt: @Ginger Anystories: @Ginger

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