He with large vow
             He with large vow sad stories

nightinthecold Hi! I love writing.
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Come and read the story of a fox who keeps a vow only to be killed.

He with large vow

A wild fox cub runs, looking everywhere for its mother. Soon he finds her dead, lying on the ground. She had taken a bullet to the chest.

The fox cub already lost his father and swore to avenge both his parents.

'I vow to find the man or woman who shot them. and I'll get them...' he thought.

"I'll kill THEM!" He shouted.

---An year later---

He finished his meal, a chicken from a farm near the forest. His hatred for humans grew stronger day by day.

After stuffing himself he made his way towards the nearby town. It was a full moon and wolves howled in the distance when... "AHHHHH" someone screamed.

After that the sound of a gun falling was heard.

He had finally avenged his family. Soon, only a cricket was heard in the distance as the fox's hunger for revenge has been filled.

He went to sleep in his cave when three very loud bangs were heard. No animal or being heard that fox again. Only a single cricket strayed the silence.

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