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Some people you can trust no more.

Trust No More

By: Crystal

The air was lighter than your words.

Not even a soft breeze could hold them up.

As your words dropped, beating down every guard.

Scattered pieces unable to clean up.

I never trusted you. I never will.

Appeared soft as a feather, spoke lies as a crow.

Warm like a candle, easily blown out, passing a chill,

Melting my heart with your deceitful glow.

Never thought your tenderness would have shattered,

Falsehood can never stable its own load,

Morality can't step on deception's fragments, scattered,

Integrity can't bleed with the same agony, as the scars once showed.

Delicate as a flower's petals, gracefully tearing,

Invisibly splitting, barely leaving a mark,

Assuring it would pass, the burn I was bearing,

Leaving me in blackness, without as much as a spark.

Floating in droplets, clearing my grief,

Clearing my scars and your abandoned sore,

Soaring on bliss and freedom, smiling of relief,

For I made a choice to trust no more.

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