The Little Pathway
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A magical little pathway!

The Little Pathway

By: Crystal

I was pedalling my bike, dodging cars downtown, The ends of my hair flying up with every automobile that passes, As I made a sharp left, on the handlebars I clamped down, As a truck sped by, leaving a trail of deadly stenches and gases.

As I made my way to the outskirts of town, Heavy breathing, helmet off, exhaling the commotion of the city, Giving myself an opportunity to sit, and calm down, As I recovered from the overload of buzz and sociality.

I strolled along, leading my bike down the lane, When I noticed something I've never seen before, There, in the vast spacious plane, Was a little pathway, that stuck out like a cold sore.

I tossed my two-wheeler onto the grass, And stood at the start of the trail, I thought that this feeling would pass, But no, there was more I wanted to unveil.

I ambled along, marvelling at the shelter of trees, Kicking a stone that beckoned me, cried for me to "Please! Come on!" As the forest rustled when there passed by a slight breeze, It looked like a painting that not even an artist could draw.

I crossed a charming little wooden bridge, Covered in vines which bloomed roses you could inhale, As the river flowed down a little ridge, It all resembled the setting of a fairytale.

I walked for hours. Maybe days? Not getting disenchanted by the birds chirping chime, But when I hit a dead end, I smiled and looked up at the rays, Starting my journey to walk down this path another time.

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